Infinera enhances optical networking capabilities

Infinera enhances optical networking capabilities

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Infinera has announced a number of significant enhancements to the open line system (OLS) capabilities of its Groove G30 Network Disaggregation Platform.

The Groove G30 solution uses a modular sled-based architecture that allows network planners to configure optical transport functionality in a performance and cost-efficient way within a one-rack unit (1RU) platform.

“The expanded capabilities of the Groove G30 reinforce our commitment to this industry-leading platform and demonstrate the benefits customers realise with open optical transport,” said Julia Larikova, principal product manager for optical layer at Infinera. “As end-user applications continue to drive demand for infrastructure capacity, our open line solutions provide an optimal means to scale efficiently while reducing costs.”

The Groove G30 OLS features allow network operators to improve their network scalability and configuration flexibility. In addition, OLS like Groove G30 disaggregate wavelength division-multiplexing transport into functional blocks with open application programming interfaces and end-to-end software-defined network management and control.

Key feature of the solution include:

  • Optical protection switching (OPSM) – a compact pluggable that has a single optical protection switch that gives a cost-effective option for protecting against interface and amplifier failures and fibre cuts.

  • Optical power monitoring (OCM) – another compact pluggable the offers per-channel power monitoring on four ports, which enhances optical layer monitoring, fast fault detection and isolation & proactive troubleshooting.

  • Colourless, flexible grid add/drop (CAD8/8E) – is an additional compact 8-channel pluggable, with a service that expands to 16-channels, offering colourless, flexible grid add/drop to enable the deployment of high baud rate of 64 QAM.

  • An in-line amplifier (ILA) – the Groove G30 OLS can be deployed as a compact in-line amplifier, offering a cost-effective solution for interconnecting data centres over long distances.

  • It also offers 64-port 75GHz mux/demux (OMD64) - New capabilities that use 75GHz grid filters to support high-baud-rate wavelengths up to 64QAM 600Gbps, with up to 64 wavelengths per filter enabling scalability to 38.4Tbps per fibre pair.

The Groove G30 platform was originally a product belonging to Coriant, which was acquired by Infinera back in October. The deal has transformed Infinera into one of the largest vertically integrated optical network equipment providers in the world. In terms of finances, Infinera issued 20,975,384 shares of its common stock and paid a combined amount of cash consisting of approximately $230 million, of which approximately $154 million was paid upon closing.

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