Avanti signs two African deals for Hylas 4 satellite

Avanti signs two African deals for Hylas 4 satellite


The Avanti satellite group has signed a pair of wholesale agreements with African telecoms companies.

One will allow pan-African service provider Afrique Telecom to provide high-speed satellite broadband services across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The other, extends an existing strategic partnership with Paratus Telecom. Maxwell Technology, part of the Paratus Group, has been using Avanti’s Hylas 2 services since 2012.

Through Avanti’s latest satellite, Hylas 4, Paratus will provide cost-effective and reliable broadband services into regions across Africa that suffer from unreliable or non-existent internet connectivity.

Kallie Carlsen, managing director of Paratus South Africa, said: “With Hylas 4 we are further extending our reach and ability to provide high throughput connectivity throughout Southern Africa.”

At Afrique Telecom, CEO Philippe Tintignac said “We are committed to connecting businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa with high-speed broadband. Avanti’s Hylas 4 enables us to provide customers with high speed and quality broadband flexible Ka-band satellite technology for consumer rural broadband and enterprise services. Our first live site with Hylas 4 has been a real success and we’re excited to help the digital transformation in Africa.”

Afrique Telecom tested its first live site in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, at the start of the month. Using the Hylas 4 satellite and Newtec modems, the site can reach broadband speeds of 100Mbps – some of the highest satellite speeds available on the market.

The master distributor partnership will allow Afrique Telecom to deploy similar high-quality services throughout Sub-Saharan Africa



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