RETN activates new fibre-optic route from Moscow to Riga

RETN activates new fibre-optic route from Moscow to Riga


International network service provider RETN has announced the launch of new high-speed fibre-optic route between Moscow and Riga.

This recent infrastructure expansion provides diversity of current fibre routes across the RETN network and opens up new connectivity possibilities between East and West with low latency (12ms) transport services for enterprise and wholesale customers.

“We are constantly investing in the physical network infrastructure to extend our network core in Europe and Russia as we see the growing demand for diversity of fibre routes,” said Maxim Syunikov, managing director at RETN in Russia on the project.

“This is especially relevant when it comes global enterprises and content providers. They are hungry for high speed scalable solutions, which we are delighted to bring to them, either in Russia or in many other territories covered by the RETN network.”

The completed DWDM route connecting Russia and Latvia runs on Infinera’s FlexILS equipment and thus is seamlessly integrated into the extensive cross-border optical network, which is fully-owned and operated by RETN.

Connecting Eastern Europe and Russia to the West the 1,195km route is 100G enabled. It also provides additional redundancy to the Scandinavian and Baltic rings linking Baltic states to Northern and Western Europe on the RETN network.

Leonid Shuralev, commercial director at RETN Baltic, added: “This year we significantly increased our operational activity in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets due to acquisition of OPTRON SIA and opening of the new RETN office in Stockholm. With the launch of the Moscow-Riga DWDM route we are delighted to start offering our customers more opportunities to connect to and from these regions”.

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