1025Connect, Aqua Comms, DE-CIX and Epsilon create combined infrastructure solution

1025Connect, Aqua Comms, DE-CIX and Epsilon create combined infrastructure solution

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1025Connect, Aqua Comms, De-CIX and Epsilon are partnering to create an all-in-one holistic solution that offers colocation, connectivity, internet and subsea cable solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, 1025Connect will supply the colocation; Aqua Comms will leverage its transatlantic subsea connectivity; DE-CIX will use its Internet Peering Exchange; and Epsilon will contribute its on-demand SDN connectivity solutions.

The new offering underpins the location of all four companies and its proximity to the continental edge, the easternmost direct interconnection point between Europe and the US.

1025Connect’s data centre and colocation sites act as the central point where Aqua Comms’ AEC-1 cable lands and Epsilon and DE-CIX platforms are available. 

Customers connected to Epsilon’s SDN platform, Infiny, can now design, provision, and manage network connectivity from its European footprint across AEC-1, the shortest subsea route between the US and Ireland.

This includes inter-datacentre, cloud or internet exchange connections, as well as to internet exchange DE-CIX.  In addition, DE-CIX customers can use the company’s direct peering options or its GlobePEER Remote capabilities to reach more than 1,100 global networks with nearly 200 locally available directly from 1025Connect’s Long Island data centre.

Last month, DE-CIX announced that all of its domestic and international activities and companies would be consolidated under the umbrella of the DE-CIX Group AG.

Additionally, Aqua Comms reached another stage of development in the construction of its North Atlantic Loop, the resilient dual-path network across the Atlantic between North America and Europe. Its America Europe Connect-2 (AEC-2) cable forms part of its ownership share in HAVFRUE, a new transatlantic cable that will land at New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) and will connect New Jersey with Ireland, Denmark and Norway.

As for Epsilon, in October the company selected Juniper’s end-to-end solution as part of a network upgrade to support future IoT application and enterprise services.

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