Rackspace expands portfolio to challenge IT services companies

Rackspace expands portfolio to challenge IT services companies

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Rackspace has expanded its portfolio of managed public cloud solutions in a bid to win more business from enterprises.

The company says it is driving significant innovation as a managed service provider for the biggest hyperscale public clouds, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba.

“The days of multi-million dollar black-box contracts by giant IT services conglomerates are over,” said Prashanth Chandrasekar, Rackspace’s senior vice president and general manager of managed public clouds.

“Rackspace is evolving every aspect of our offering to deliver a utility-service model that gives customers the flexibility they need in the cloud. We’re accomplishing this with new technologies to help customers make the right decisions for their business and to manage their multi-cloud environments in the simplest, most integrated way possible.”

The company said its expanded portfolio of managed public cloud solutions includes Rackspace service blocks, managed infrastructure as code, unbiased multi-cloud guidance and unified multi-cloud management.

“We’ve successfully managed customers’ hyperscale public clouds for many years and have learned a lot about how they want to work with us and how the industry is changing,” said Chandrasekar.

The company said that its new solutions represent a major shift in the IT-as-a-service market, changing the way organisations purchase and manage their public clouds.

“Traditional managed service providers are unable to keep pace with the rapidly growing cloud ecosystem and shifting customer needs, leading to the evolution of next generation cloud service providers,” said Rackspace.





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