Veon and HGC strike global backbone agreement

Veon and HGC strike global backbone agreement

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Veon Wholesale Services has partnered with HGC Global Communications to jointly expand their combined wholesale activities geographically across Eurasia, North Africa, Asia-Pacific, and America.

The partnership will see Veon Wholesale Services (VWS) and HGC mutually use their combined international backbone infrastructure, which spans more than 140 countries, to boost coverage for their respective customer bases.

The two companies said the deal will help add end-to-end VPN services to their portfolio’s, supporting corporate customers looking for low latency networks with committed SLAs.

The agreement will see the two wholesale firms use their backbone coverage bilaterally with highly reliable infrastructure and a standardised process.

Karsten Lereuth, general manager of Veon Wholesale Services, said: “Veon Wholesale Services provides access to a unique footprint across Eurasia and North Africa. Thanks to our combined international PoPs and backbone coverage; VWS and HGC will provide targeted international services such as VPN, IP transit and even new promising solutions like regional CDNs, direct connections for/to OTTs.

“This strategic collaboration with HGC is an integral part of our plan to augment VEON Group´s international reach while building future proof networks and getting ready for next generation customers through the development of new capabilities, platforms and products.”

Veon’s footprint spans Eastern Europe, North America, Central and South Asia, with more than 100,000km of fibre infrastructure. It also has two voice hubs (in Amsterdam and Frankfurt) and seven data hubs (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Stockholm, London, and Hong Kong) globally.

HGC is a leading Hong Kong and internation fixed line operator, with extensive infrastructure in Hong Kong and overseas. Its network reach goes from Hong Kong to mainland China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, the UK and the US.

Ravindran Mahalingam, SVP, international business of HGC Global Communications, said: “We are extending our collaboration from the enterprise market to wholesale services. Our extensive network infrastructure provides the powerful underlying foundation for softwarisation and digital services development, including SDN, blockchain, IoT, and other value-added services. 

Added to our stringent, best-in-class service level standards, flexibility in fulfilling customers’ needs, and dedication to tackling complex solutions, we believe that the collaboration allows us to provide more comprehensive end-to-end solutions for our customers, under the dynamic market development.” 

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