Neterra to build the largest data centre in South-East Europe

Neterra to build the largest data centre in South-East Europe

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Neterra, a Bulgarian telecoms operator, is to build two new data centre facilities, one of which is said to be the biggest data centre in South-East Europe.

The first will be the Sofia Data Center (SDC) Stolnik a 6000m2 facility capable of generating 150MW of power capacity. The site has the ability to host traditional telecom client as well as data mining customers with specially designed halls available.

In addition, there’s redundant multiple fibre connectivity to SDC Stolnik, Neterra says that it hopes to turn the new site into a meeting point for companies and telecoms providers from Europe to the Middle East. The facility is also well placed for disaster recovery services.

The second location will be Sofia Data Center (SDC2) situated right next to the existing Sofia Data Center in Sofia, approximately 25km apart. Construction is due to begin in December 2018 and should be ready for service by the end of 2019. The site has been designed as a premium Tier III data centre.

SDC2 will sit across 3600m2 of floor space and will be supplied with 2+ MW installed power. In addition, the buildiing will include additional offices and parking spaces. SDC2 will offer standard and custom services, including white label colocation services, 24/7 NOC as well as Teleport for satellite communications.

Similarly, at the start of the month Equinix announced plans to open a second $19 million data centre Bulgarian International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre in Q1 2019.

In the same region, Overgas, a Bulgarian natural gas company announced plans to build a ireless network which will offer wholesale capacity to other operators, back in July.

Vestitel already provides wholesale telecoms services through its network, using fibre running in ducts alongside its gas pipelines, but it plans to add the wireless service from the beginning of 2019.

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