Q&A with Rafael Arranz, COO of Telxius

Q&A with Rafael Arranz, COO of Telxius

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Capacity speaks Rafael Arranz, chief operating officer of Telxius - ahead of this year's Capacity Europe in London.

What have been Telxius’ key developments and stand outs in Europe over the past year?

At Telxius we keep working relentlessly to improve the present and future of communications. MAREA, already open for business, has recently increased its capacity to 200 Tbps from the initial 160Tbps. MAREA is set to boost transatlantic connections, providing ultrahigh transmission capacity between the US and Southern Europe and a diverse path to network hubs in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We have been focused on consolidating Telxius as a leading infrastructure company, not only through the deployment of MAREA – the highest capacity submarine cable to ever cross the Atlantic – but through partnerships that reinforce our position in the market. We are working with Equinix for a MAREA and BRUSA next-generation cable landing station architecture, extending their backhaul capacity directly into an Equinix high-density data centre. MAREA and BRUSA will provide state-of-the-art connectivity technology to enable the development of new cloud services, including content distribution to Europe and Latin America. This new landing station architecture will meet the needs of speed, efficiency and an open system design.

 How has wholesale demand in the region evolved in recent years and how is Telxius aiming to meet those demands this year?

The telecoms sector in Europe has been undergoing a rapid transformation over the last few years. The growth in mobile data traffic and digital services, the need for network quality and efficiency and an increased focus on customer experience have made the wholesale business shift to a more innovative approach. At Telxius, we are aware that our infrastructure should enhance these fast, competitive ecosystems. This new situation is exciting for us and, as we seek to operate in a quick-paced market, we have placed innovation at the top of our organization, not only through infrastructure but also through ideas and partnerships that strengthen our position in the telecoms sector.

Having built our submarine cable systems MAREA and BRUSA with an open, flexible design, these are able to grow at the pace of data and information, making sure that future Internet users will always get access to cutting-edge technology.

 What are your strategic priorities for Europe in 2019 and what announcements can we expect from Telxius in the region this year?

In 2019 we are committed to increasing connectivity and reliability of communications both in Latin America and Europe, and we aim to continue expanding our network and the availability of IP, capacity, security and colocation services.

 What do you hope to achieve out of your attendance at the Capacity Europe event?

We are silver sponsors at Capacity Europe, where we will be showcasing all the possibilities of MAREA and BRUSA – our latest submarine cable systems – as well as our services catalogue that continue to enable communication worldwide. As the largest carrier event in Europe, Capacity Europe is the perfect place to discuss challenges and trends in the telecommunications business with other leading companies and fellow professionals.

Furthermore, we are very proud of being shortlisted for the Best Subsea Project of the year award. MAREA, in collaboration with Microsoft and Facebook, is the highest capacity subsea cable to ever cross the Atlantic. It is a major project for Telxius and a revolution for subsea communications, being able to reach 200Tbps after its recent capacity increase from the initial 160Tbps, and we would be honoured to have this recognition from Capacity.

We know that MAREA went live earlier this year, is BRUSA on track for its launch at the end of this year? Can you comment on the significance of this route to the end user?

BRUSA, our newest submarine cable connecting Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Brazil), with San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Virginia Beach (USA), is going according to plan. This subsea cable system is the highest capacity route to ever connect the Americas, offering an initial transmission capacity of 138Tbps. Our leading-edge technology will allow BRUSA to support end-to-end connectivity and the availability of ultra-high speed broadband services. We are extremely proud of this new infrastructure that opens up new possibilities for two of the largest economies in the region, the United States and Brazil. MAREA and BRUSA link together in Virginia Beach creating opportunities for our customers to connect people, continents and business needs together.

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