Orange launches Ethernet Now for real-time connectivity

Orange launches Ethernet Now for real-time connectivity

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Orange has announced the launch of Ethernet Now, a wholesale offering for its customers to better manage their Ethernet connections through a simple, easy to use, online portal.

The service will be available from early 2019 and forms part of the company’s effort to develop its portfolio of connectivity solutions with self-service online order management capabilities leveraging SDN technology.  

“In today’s challenging market place, satisfied customers mean the difference between success and failure,” said Pierre-Louis de Guillebon, CEO, Orange International Carriers. “Wherever possible, we need to anticipate customers’ needs as they evolve so keeping customers happy is the foremost priority for Orange International Carriers. When Ethernet Now is launched in early 2019, we fully expect to see our business expand further.”

User of Ethernet Now will benefit from significantly reduced delivery times to the point that services are available in near real-time. Customers can purchase point-to-point Ethernet circuits over Orange’s IP network, accessible through the Orange customer portal and inputting the location, bandwidth and duration they require. In addition, they can request a price quotation, order a new link or makes changes to existing contracts.


Orange is the only Tier-1 wholesale operator to have four points of presence (PoPs) in the Africa-Middle East region in Abidjan, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Amman. With more than 150 bandwidth PoPs, and more than 70 IP PoPs, Orange also has new PoPs in Spain, the USA, France and the Netherlands. These new PoPs serve to strengthen the Orange footprint for IP services, including Ethernet connectivity services.

In related news, earlier this month Orange was announced as the cable landing partner for Google’s Dunant subsea cable in France. The 6,600km submarine cable system will connect the US to the French Atlantic coast and is due for completion by late 2020. As the French landing partner for the new system, Orange will build and operate the landing station on the French Atlantic Coast and provide backhaul service in Paris.

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