Capacity webinar: Mongolia - entering the next emerging carrier market

Capacity webinar: Mongolia - entering the next emerging carrier market

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Join us for our latest Capacity webinar on Mongolia and the opportunities for carriers trying to enter the Asian market.

On 10 Tuesday October, 9:30am British summer time, 4:30pm Greenwch Mean time, Capacity is hosting a webinar on Mongolia becoming the next emerging carrier market.

Mongolia is strategically situated between the vast landmasses of Russia and China, and therefore represents one of the fastest transit routes for international capacity between these countries.

This webinar will present the opportunities for investment in an exciting new market ripe with potential, both from a wholesale carrier perspective and also in terms of data centre infrastructure.

The session will include presentations from the regulatory body, Communications and Information Technology Authority (CITA), the Information Communications Network (ICN) and Mobicom, followed by a live Q&A session. 

Moderated by yours truly, speakers include: Uranchimeg Andrai, deputy director general - communications and postal policy planning department, CITA; Zolbayar Chuluuntsetseg, CEO, ICN; and Tatsuya Hamada, chairman & CEO, Mobicom.

  • Learn about the existing infrastructure and business operations in Mongolia

  • Get to know some of the key players in the Mongolian telecoms market

  • Ask questions in the live Q&A

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