Tata Communications acquires IoT company Teleena

Tata Communications acquires IoT company Teleena

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Tata Communications, a digital infrastructure provider, has acquired Teleena, a Netherlands-based Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity company.

Teleena’s technology reduces the cost of mobility and IoT deployments as well as simplifies the operations for businesses.

“The growth rate in the global mobility and IoT market is phenomenal: by 2021, enterprises’ spending on mobility alone is set to surpass USD 1.7 trillion,” said Anthony Bartolo, chief product officer, Tata Communications. “Our vision is to create an environment where anything can be ‘born connected’. Providing everyone and everything in the world with seamless connectivity globally will support businesses’ digital transformation. The combination of the Tata Communications MOVE platform, and Teleena’s technology and talent, will help us fulfil this vision, and accelerate our growth in the mobility and IoT market.”

Teleena’s offering is a key part of Tata’s MOVE platform, which enables enterprises and vendors to capture, move and manage information globally using borderless, secure and scalable connectivity. The deal underscores Tata’s growth strategy in the global mobility and IoT market.

In addition, it gives Tata access to Teleena’s technology portfolio including its MVNE platform, its operational support system/business support system (OSS/BSS) solution, as well as the expertise of Teleena’s mobility and IoT specialists.

“I’m excited about this next stage on our 10-year journey, because just like Teleena, Tata Communications is fast-moving, ambitious and focused on innovation,” said Kim Bybjerg, CEO of Teleena. “I look forward to working with Anthony and his team to help Tata Communications’ customers make the most of the transformational potential of IoT and mobility, and support the company’s mission to become one of the leading players in this industry.”

The buyout follows Tata Communications’ investment in Teleena in January 2017 when the company brought a 35% stake in Telenna becoming its single largest shareholder. Tata says it is in the process of integrating Teleena’s customers and employees with its own.

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