Mobolize enters the European market with mobile data enhancement service

Mobolize enters the European market with mobile data enhancement service

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Mobolize, an on-device data management software provider, has made its entrance into the European market with launch of its latest software product, Mobolize Bond.

The new offering increases mobile device performance by seamlessly and intelligently managing (or bonding) a handoff between wifi and cellular for its users while on the move for the fastest connections.

“Nobody else is doing this; it’s an entirely unique offering, said Philip Mustain (pictured), CEO and co-founder of Mobolize.

The Bond solution aims to rectify the problem of poor consumer experiences when they travel between wifi and mobile networks, entering dead zones where devices don’t disconnect from weak wifi networks to connect to mobile in a quick and timely manner.

“We have ambitious growth plans in Europe where we’ve been in conversation with a range of European mobile operators over the last year. Today, numerous disruptors are challenging the mobile market from changing consumer behaviour to new technologies. Mobile data providers need to think smarter about delivering optimum data performance for a better customer experience,” he added.

Despite the strict regulatory conditions in Europe ushered in by GDPR, it is because of other legislation like the last year's Roam Like Home EU rules that makes Mobolize’s offering so well placed. Operators have a 10x increase in roaming data, with many struggling to manage this influx, an area that the solution addresses.

“On the operator side, we are helping them manage their margins by increasing the combination of wifi and mobile usage. Overall we can reduce data by up to 80%. Also, because our solutions don’t require any investment in the actual psyical network, we can offer these value adds at a nominal cost,” said Colleen LeCount, SVP of global sales & marketing at Mobolize, speaking exclusively to Capacity.

“The biggest value add to our solution is that it act as a key differentiator for MVNOs. On the surface they all offer the same services whether they be 3G, 4G or 5G, what makes them different on the user side is the customer experience,” adds LeCount. “Saving them battery life, only encrypting what needs to be encrypted, secure and safe wifi connections.”

Mobolize Bond joins a suite of data traffic management software and compliments Mobolize Secure which uses SmartVPN to pull traffic through its data engine to provide a secure wifi solution for mobile. Resulting in maximised data performance, optimised data usage and in the longer term, improved user churn and customer lifetime value (CLV).

“The issue of wifi dead zones has not been widely discussed within the industry until now. While mobile operators understand the issue of dead zones, they aren’t aware that a solution exists on the mobile device to address the challenge. We’re confident that our new Mobolize Bond product is set to change the game for operators and mobile users alike,” added LeCount.

Mobolize is already working with a number of European mobile operators whose names will be announced in the near future, but looking ahead Mustain says that company is moving full speed ahead in Europe with natural progression into new regions like the Middle East.

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