DE-CIX set to open second Lisbon IX in Q4 2018

DE-CIX set to open second Lisbon IX in Q4 2018

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DE-CIX has announced it will open another Internet Exchange (IX) in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

Having established the fastest-growing IX via its subsidiary in Madrid in 2016, DE-CIX will install a second IX in the strategically important Portuguese capital of Lisbon by the end of 2018.

“After the continuous success in Madrid, DE-CIX is opening a new chapter of interconnection for the Iberian Peninsula with our newest Internet Exchange in Lisbon as a response to the dynamics of Internet traffic and to our customers’ needs,” said Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.

DE-CIX expanded its Iberian presence one year ago through an agreement with Itconic, which ran five data centres across Spain and Portugal. A month later, Equinix announced it had entered into an agreement with the Carlyle Group to purchase Itconic and its CloudMas subsidiary for $259 million.

Ivanov added: “Lisbon itself is the sea cable hub of the Iberian Peninsula, with many major sea cable connections landing there from Western Africa and the Americas. There will be a new regime of trans-Atlantic traffic flows, with the Iberian Peninsula as the new centre of gravity. Networks will meet there instead of needing to go so much further north to reach European networks and international content providers. With Internet Exchanges in both Lisbon and Madrid, DE-CIX will support the digital ecosystem on the Iberian Peninsula to further grow and flourish.”

DE-CIX Lisbon will be located at the carrier-neutral data centre of Equinix in Lisbon. Both DE-CIX locations in Lisbon and Madrid will be interconnected, which offers additional benefits to customers – making their business with DE-CIX easier.

“Lisbon is the place where the sea cables from Western Africa and South America first hit the European continent. Connecting in Lisbon instead of London saves data transport costs and reduces latency by at least 30 milliseconds round trip time (RTT). On top, European networks and international content are already present there – with more to come. From day one, customers of DE-CIX Lisbon will be able to peer with 130+ networks in Madrid,” said Theresa Bobis, regional director of Southern Europe at DE-CIX.

Including its new subsidiary in Lisbon, DE-CIX operates 14 IXs globally in key markets such as India, the Middle East, and Europe, as well as North America.

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