NTT Com to double data supply capacity in Osaka with two new facilities

NTT Com to double data supply capacity in Osaka with two new facilities

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NTT Communications is to more than double its data supply capacity, by 2.2-fold, in Osaka, Japan, with the launch of two new facilities: Osaka 6 and Osaka 7.

Osaka 6, which will be located in a building that NTT West Corporation is constructing in downtown Osaka, will launch with 460 sq m of server space and eventually expand to 1,370 sq m and 400 racks. The Osaka 7, which will be situated in a dedicated data centre building in Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture, will boast initial server space of 3,800 sq m and eventually grow to 9,500 sq m and 4,200 racks.

"In response to the strong demand for massive data from cloud-service providers and other hyper-scale customers in the greater Osaka area, despite having launched our Osaka 5 data centre in 2016 we have decided to build two new data centres to further satisfy customers' needs," said Kenichiro Iida, senior vice president and head of cloud services.

"Data demands among hyper-scale companies are already robust, but we foresee even more data needs for hybrid cloud services that combine colocation and multi-clouds."

The locations of both facilities will serve diverse customers and offer reduced risk of disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Both data centres will connect directly to Osaka's Dojima area, a major interconnection point for ISPs and data centres operators. Services will be available to an extensive range of customers, including major cloud service providers and other hyperscale operators and enterprises.


Both data centres will fully comply with strict equipment and operation standards that have been globally unified under NTT Com's Nexcenter family of data centres. In addition to redundant electric power, air-conditioning, connections and security, users will benefit from NTT Com's high capacity, quality and reliability network infrastructure. IX, ISP and multi-cloud connectivity will be enhanced by direct connections to other NTT Com data centres in Osaka via 10Gbps Nexcenter Connect Metro.

Japan's colocation market, which was worth around 540 billion JPY in 2018, and data centre business has been growing steadily at around 7% per annum. Cloud service providers and other hyperscale companies, as well as enterprise customers, continue to generate massive demand. In addition, the use of data centres for hybrid clouds that combine colocation and multi-clouds is expected to expand.

Osaka 6 and 7 are set to launch by the end of 2019.

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