Telstra builds out its partner ecosystem in Europe

Telstra builds out its partner ecosystem in Europe

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Telstra Broadcast Services, the global media division of Telstra, has expanded the scale of the Telstra Global Media Network (GMN) in Europe.

The company is building out its partner ecosystem to include GlobalConnect, TDF Group, MEP, MTI Teleport Munchen and SIS Live, with even more partners due to join by the end of the year.

Trevor Boal, head of Telstra Broadcast Services, said: “We are delighted to have worked closely with our partners to leverage their offerings and add significant value to our customers with this expansion. Rights holders and right owners across the globe will benefit from a simple, global and seamless solution for content distribution allowing them to create new revenue streams in a more efficient and faster way.Telstra is now uniquely positioned to help our customers reach new geographic regions and new audiences, as well as bringing back international content to home audiences.”

The Telstra GMN integrates native connection with satellite and teleports to include ‘hard-to-reach’ places around the world to more than 2,500 end points including: 1000 customers with comprises media and sports companies across the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia; 1500 venues which includes many top sports and entertainment locations; and 10 teleports.

“MTI is proud to be part of Telstra’s Global Media Network enabling our customers easier high-quality access to international media content and at the same time giving access to all relevant German and Austrian sports venues to Telstra´s Network customers via the MTI´s media fibre network,” said Ludwig Schaeffler, CEO of MTI Teleport München.

Telstra will provide international connectivity through its global network built on a four fibre system with 99.999% availability. It will use GlobalConnect, TDF Group, NEP, MTI Teleport Munchen, SIS Live, The Switch, AT&T, Softbank, Nexion, PCCW, Starhub and China Unicom networks that will deliver local distribution to end-points in Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK, US, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

“TDF and its subsidiary Ad Valem Technologies is very excited with this combined work with Telstra to set up this partnership to offer all the connectivity in France for Telstra's customers and partners, said Franck Langrand, director of the TDF Audiovisual division and chairman of Ad Valem Technologies. “This ecosystem will also enable our customers to extend their European and global events coverage thanks to Telstra network and through possible interconnection with all other Telstra partners.”

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