Equinix to open $73m data centre in Paris in 2019

Equinix to open $73m data centre in Paris in 2019

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Equinix has unveiled its plans to open its first International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre to meet the growing needs of its cloud customer in Q1 2019.

The site, which the company will invest $73 million, will give enterprises greater access to top providers at Equinix through low-latency and private connectivity options. In addition, Equinix says it will also extend its relationships with strategic partners, and strengthen its leadership position in the general cloud ecosystem.

“Paris continues to be a top market destination for global businesses who are undergoing IT transformation which is largely driven by cloud adoption,” said Régis Castagné, managing director, Southern Europe. “To meet these needs, Equinix has developed deep relationships with top CSPs to provide enterprises in Paris with fast and highly secure private connectivity on a global scale. We believe that this is a win-win for the entire cloud ecosystem.”

The new facility – called PA8 – will be Equinix’s eighth data centre in the Paris metro area and will include approximately 850 cabinets in the first phase of its build out. The area is already home to 200+ CSPs including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Salesforce and Microsoft Azure.  

Additionally, Equinix customers at PA8 will have access to Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric), an on-demand platform that enables Equinix customers to find and connect to any other customer across any Equinix location globally. Through a single physical connection and an easy-to-use portal, ECX Fabric provides access to more than 1,000 enterprises and cloud service providers.

According to the Global Interconnection Index, published by Equinix, the capacity for private data exchange between enterprises and cloud providers is forecast to grow six times faster than public internet traffic between 2017 and 2020. In addition, According to Forrester Research, enterprises using five or more cloud providers are forecast to increase from 48% in 2017 to 54% in 2018. At Equinix, between Q1 2016 and Q1 2018, customers employing single cloud deployments grew 69%, while customers employing multicloud grew six times that amount at 429%.

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