Indonesian and Suriname companies in deal with nanosatellite firm SAS

Indonesian and Suriname companies in deal with nanosatellite firm SAS

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A start-up nanosatellite company says it has signed agreements with operators in Indonesia and Suriname to provide services to customers.

Sky and Space Global (SAS) says it has a binding memorandum with Cendrawasih Teknologi Nusantara (CTN) of Indonesia and another with internet service provider Foundation Busie Suriname (FBS).

“A successful collaboration with CTN will provide SAS with initial access to the fast-growing Indonesian market,” said Meir Moalem, CEO of SAS. He said the Suriname agreement “further validates the capabilities of our network and nanosatellites and I look forward to where the discussions lead”.

SAS has three prototype satellites in orbit and Moalem told Capacity in an interview for the August/September 2018 issue that the company hopes to have 200 nanosatellites in orbit by 2020, providing services in an equatorial band between 15° north and 15° south latitude.

CTN is an Indonesian provider of data connectivity services via satellite for the cellular, banking, plantation, farming, oil and gas and government sectors, said SAS. It also provides data connectivity to institutions and retail customers throughout Indonesia.

FBS won a licence two years ago, said SAS, and it “provides internet service solutions to individuals and businesses in rural Suriname”.

The memorandum “marks the commencement of discussions for the provision of SAS’s affordable and reliable connectivity services to the country”, said the satellite company, which is UK-based but quoted on the Australian stock exchange.

Moalem said: “We continue to explore and build our relationships within the South American region and I am confident we will be able to secure many more agreements of this kind in the coming years.”








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