Vodafone partners with Telecom Argentina on strategic agreement

Vodafone partners with Telecom Argentina on strategic agreement

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Vodafone has struck a partnership with Telecom Argentina that will see the UK-based telecoms giant offer strategic advice and share global best practice ideas with the Argentinian firm.

The non-equity Partner Market agreement will see Vodafone shares it expertise in a number of areas, including customer service, retail, technology, IT and procurement.

It forms part of Vodafone’s Partner Markets team which works to form strategic alliances with operators worldwide, allowing the UK telco to offer a number of global products and services which extends its reach into local markets.

Vodafone Partner Markets chief executive Diego Massidda said: “This partnership allows Telecom Argentina to benefit from Vodafone’s international experience and expertise, and access our company’s global products and services.  I am delighted that Telecom is joining us as one of our Partner Markets and I am looking forward to our relationship growing in the coming years.”

 The products offered by Vodafone’s Partner Markets scheme, which was launched in 2002, range from roaming and service resale to full partner branding. The company is partnered with 30 companies across 46 countries.

For Telecom Argentina, which was formed from the combination of Telecom and Cablevision, it comes at a time the company is trying to focus on customer service. The Buenos Aires-based telco as announced plans to invest $5 billion over the next two years in order to deploy unified, state-of-the-art systems and develop more sustainable infrastructure.

Carlos Moltini, CEO of Telecom Argentina, said: “At Telecom Argentina, the customer is the centre of all our decisions.  That’s why we have decided to work with Vodafone to strengthen our business strategies, drawing on Vodafone’s experience to offer our customers a wide range of services to a high international standard.  Vodafone’s expertise also adds value to the proposals we are planning to deploy in the future.”

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