TIM Wholesale in trials to cut complaints in copper last-mile network

TIM Wholesale in trials to cut complaints in copper last-mile network

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The wholesale division of TIM has started a pilot project to speed up fault detection and correction in its copper last-mile network.

The unit, which delivers fibre-to-the-cabinet and last-mile copper to customers of alternative network operators in Italy, says it wants to reduce the fibre claim rate from 112% last year to 80% by 2020.

“Our target must be quality. Efficiency is a side-effect of quality,” Paolo Chiozza, TIM Wholesale’s senior assurance director, said at a conference in Munich.

He is working as part of the company’s DigiTIM digital transformation project. He was speaking at Huawei’s Digital Transformation Forum, being held today.

“We want to give a superior customer experience. What we want to do is avoid customer claims. This is how we want to build our future.”

The unit wants to get last year’s figure of 22% of repeated faults down to 13% by 2020. He reported that half of all faults are due to the copper network, with another 40% attributed to users’ home systems, and only 10% blamed on the core network. The system that TIM Wholesale is trying out with Huawei will also identify high-profile users with a so-called “VIP claim model”, he said.

TIM Wholesale has started the trials in two regions of Italy. “We would like to expand [the service] all over Italy,” said Chiozza. “We are focusing on only the FTTC customers – there are more than 10 million. If it goes well we are keen to expand.”


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