Versa Networks picked by California Telecom for SD-WAN solutions

Versa Networks picked by California Telecom for SD-WAN solutions


Versa Networks has been selected by California Telecom to deliver a secure, flexible and customisable SD-WAN solution to its customers.

The partnership means California Telecom will now be able to offer a wide selection of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions to enterprises of all sizes. The solutions range from monitoring to complete outsourcing using  managed edge-router service.

The agreement sees California Telecom - a business communications and managed service provider – integrate Versa’s Secure Cloud IP platform into its existing infrastructure.

“We spent over a year looking for a SD-WAN platform we could integrate into our existing MPLS infrastructure that could offer all the features that were being promoted in the industry,” said Jim Gurol, CEO at California Telecom.

“After trying multiple solutions, we found the one vendor that has it all, Versa Networks. The architecture closely paired with our existing infrastructure, so we are immediately able to go to market. With our team, our infrastructure and the Versa Secure Cloud IP platform, we can now provide our customers a unique and secure SD-WAN experience.”

Versa has transacted over 150,000 software licenses through service providers, partners and enterprises globally. Its native analytics for networking and security provides California Telecom a multi-faceted view of any malicious activity down to the application, user and workstation level.

“Most solutions we were looking at, prior to partnering with Versa Networks, didn’t fit with the models we were looking to offer, such as hybrid MPLS, cloud-based SD-WAN and integrated security,” added Gurol. “With Versa’s zero-touch provisioning, simple and automated workflow designs, we are confident our customers are going to get the best Secure SD-WAN experience out there.”

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