Copel Telecom deploys Coriant 200G solution to scale fibre-optic network in Brazil

Copel Telecom deploys Coriant 200G solution to scale fibre-optic network in Brazil

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Copel Telecom, the Brazilian telecommunications provider, has deployed Coriants 200G optical transmission technology to scale its fibre-optic network in Paraná, Brazil.

The solution is powered by Coriant CloudWave Optics allowing Copel Telecom to meet the growing bandwidth demands of its customers in a cost-efficient way, while at the same time, enhancing the high-quality, low latency performance of end-to-end service connectivity.

“We continue to differentiate our services by helping customers take advantage of the digital revolution with fast, stable, and affordable connections,” said Adir Hannouche, chief executive officer at Copel Telecom. “Our long-standing technology collaboration with Coriant has enabled us to keep pace with the capacity demands of end-user applications, and we are proud to announce that our network today is one of the first in Brazil to support 200G transmission.”

The existing fibre-optic network is built on the Coriant hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform, and the DWDM infrastructure supports 100G+ performance in most fibre conditions. With the introduction of Coriant CloudWave Optics technology the network now has increased line-side transmission speeds to 200G per wavelength. In addition, the solution enables Copel Telcom to reduce power, footprint and costs as the network scales.

"The tremendous success that Copel Telecom has demonstrated with its residential GPON deployments has been one of the main drivers for increased capacity demand in the backbone network,” said Lucas Vanagas, managing director for South America at Coriant. “We are pleased to extend our relationship with Copel Telecom by providing the technology innovation, network design and professional services support that allows them to deliver an ultra-fast, always-on internet experience while reducing operations costs.”

Included in the Coriant solution for Copel Telecom are enhancements to the Coriant Transend Chorus transport network management system, which offers simple end-to-end service provisioning and advanced network control using software defined programmes and automation.

Coriant CloudWave Optics brings together advanced digital signal processing, photonic integration and embedded software to enable support of QPSK (100G), 8QAM (150G) and 16QAM (200G). The newest generation of CloudWave Optics supports higher baud rates and additional modulation formats, laying the foundation for transmission speeds of 400G per wavelength.

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