VIVA Bahrain expands global IP network to Europe

VIVA Bahrain expands global IP network to Europe

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VIVA Bahrain has expanded its global IP network footprint with the deployment of new points of presence (PoPs) across London and Frankfurt.

Through this network deployment, which is being labelled as ‘Euro Gate’, VIVA Bahrain will support the growing demand of its wholesale and enterprise customers across GCC and other international markets with high-quality networking services - IP, capacity, voice and signalling coupled with lowest possible latency.

“The PoPs expansion is a significant and strategic addition to VIVA’s global infrastructure to cater to the heightened demand for optimal connectivity services with high capacities and low latency for companies doing business in the European market,” said Ulaiyan Al Wetaid (pictured), VIVA Bahrain CEO.

“With this, we will be ensuring our comprehensive suite of network solutions at affordable and competitive offers that are readily available to our existing and growing business customer base to provide them with an enhanced level of service and customer experience.”

VIVA’s investment into the new PoPs has been spurred by rapidly increasing requirements of its business customers in Bahrain with presence across the region and globally, looking for high-quality network performance, a diverse range of services that are secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective and support their business needs.

With the PoPs deployment in London and Frankfurt, considered major financial hubs and busiest centres for internet traffic in the world, VIVA customers will have “access to direct and reliable connectivity through its key partnerships with Tier 1 regional and global network carriers”, the company said.

Al Wetaid added: “With a focus on expanding our presence across other regions, we will continue with our ongoing investment of strengthening the overall infrastructure to meet the global needs of our business customers across Bahrain and international markets.”

Earlier this year, Saudi Telecom Company’s Viva agreed to borrow $133 million to upgrade and expand its Kuwaiti network. In August 2017, VIVA partnered with Ooredoo and Zain to launch the first local voice over LTE (VoLTE) interconnection in the Middle East and Africa region.

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