Airtel launches bandwidth-on-demand platform for B2B

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Bharti Airtel has launched its bandwidth-on-demand platform for its global business customers to manage its bandwidth requirements in real-time.

Bharti Airtel has launched its bandwidth-on-demand platform for its global business customers to manage its bandwidth requirements in real-time.

Airtel says that the platform is a step towards providing flexible and efficient network solutions to its customers and giving them the control they need to build out their businesses.

"In today’s fast paced market, agile products and services are imperative to drive greater operational efficiencies, said Ajay Chitkara (pictured), director and CEO of Airtel Business. "With bandwidth-on-demand we want to empower our businesses to be able to seamlessly opt for flexible network solutions that will not only help them manage their unpredictable bandwidth requirements but also accelerate the adoption of newer technologies and help them move faster in their cloud and digital journey."

According to the company, the platform delivers quick activation to access, configure and monitor bandwidth whenever they need it. Customers are able to opt for bandwidth on an hourly, daily or monthly basis, giving them greater control on costs and operational efficiency. Time savings of approximately 90% according to Chitkara.

The platform will be available at 19 global locations including: Los Angeles, New York, London, Marseilles, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as Airtel’s data centres and cable landing stations in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in India.

When we last spoke to Ajay it was for an interview in our June/July issue of Capacity magazine. At the time Chitkara said that Airtel’s customers are "looking to transform and digitise their business". And this announcement is the company’s attempt at doing exactly that. Speaking exclusively to Capacity, Chitkara said: "We wanted to make sure that not just on the consumer side but on the B2B side as well, that all of customers, big, small, carrier or enterprise have a fully digitised end-to-end experience."

Earlier this year the company rolled out its carrier digital platform which enables global carriers to do wholesale voice business with the company at the click of a button. Chitkara says the teachings from which enabled them to move forward with this new platform.

"Our customers are enjoying the whole digital-based platform engagement. We had 300 plus customers using it and the success of that made us want to move forward with this new solution," he added, speaking exclusively to Capacity.

"The entire concept is that cloud consumption is on-demand and we will be making some more announcements in the on-demand space. We want to ensure that everything is moving to the cloud and cloud consumption is becoming on-demand, that we give our customers freedom to engage with us at any time transparently, a uniformed pricing model, customer service online and delivered in a quick and efficient way."