Orange further expands 5G tests to Greater Paris region

Orange further expands 5G tests to Greater Paris region

Orange has confirmed Paris, Châtillon and Linas-Montlhéry as the next zones for its 5G tests.

The news follows approval from ARCEP to use frequencies in the 3400-3800MHz band to conduct 5G tests earlier this month. 5G tests have already begun in Lille, Douai and Marseille, with technical tests using 5G equipment from its vendor partner Nokia.

Breaking down the three new test regions, the first is the Opéra district in Paris. Orange says that by 2019 it will introduce a platform designed for demonstrations in the district where its Opéra megastore is situated. The demonstration area will showcase 5G usages on the move.

The next region, in Châtillon will house a new laboratory. Starting in August Orange will offer its partners the chance to test innovative new products and services in the 5G laboratory at its Orange Gardens site in Châtillon. The lab will offer low-latency connections with speeds that exceed those currently achieved with 4G, focussing on consumer 5G services such as virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive communications and 4K/8K video.

In Linas- Montlhéry tests will focus on the allocation of frequencies to conduct 5G tests centred on telecoms innovations for vehicles. A site has been adapted to test advanced vehicles, including autonomous and connected vehicles.

The company says that by partnering with some of the biggest players in the telecoms and automobile industry, they would be able to develop the latest models that enable the emergence of a new ecosystem based on intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Orange say that the tests give its teams the opportunity to work on tests that closely reflect customers’ expectations and changes in connectivity requirements, as well as allowing it to innovate to improve the quality of is networks and future technologies.

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