Sparkle to provide cloud services to Spanish research and education via Géant network

Sparkle to provide cloud services to Spanish research and education via Géant network


European scientific research network Géant has turned to Sparkle and cloud specialist Enimbos to provide professional services to the research and education community in Spain.

Under the deal, Enimbos will support Sparkle in providing professional services, while Sparkle – the international services arm of the TIM group – will offer cloud services together with TIM Cloud Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Sparkle said the deal confirms its commitment to provide the best cloud solutions to Géant and reduce the costs and complexity of the transition to the cloud.

Géant, based in Amsterdam, is a network of networks, linking up scientific research networks across Europe from Iceland and Norway to Turkey and Azerbaijan. Its associates include equipment vendors such as Adva and Ciena, and other carriers such as Tata Communications.

It is a dark fibre network with a point of presence in each country interconnecting the national research networks. It is a hybrid network that supports circuit switching and packet switching services. It also provides access to research networks in other parts of the world, including Internet2 in the US, Sinet in Japan and Cernet and CSTnet in China.

Géant signed a framework agreement last year with Sparkle to provide cloud services in 30 countries.

The Spanish scientific network connected to Géant is RedIris. Set up in 1988, it now has more than 500 affiliated institutions, mainly universities and Spanish public research centres.

Madrid-based Enimbos specialises in the transformation of companies for the use of infrastructure in the cloud environment. Enimbos actively supports migration, assurance, information management and systems monitoring in hybrid environments, providing complete control of infrastructure and optimisation of resources. It resells AWS and Microsoft Azure services and helps clients migrate services to the cloud.

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