Hispasat agrees to invest in LeoSat

Hispasat agrees to invest in LeoSat

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has agreed to invest in LeoSat Enterprises, which is due to launch a constellation of low-earth-orbit communications satellites.

Hispasat will join Asia’s largest satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT as an investor in LeoSat, which will offer an optical backbone service through its 108-strong satellite constellation.

The Spanish firm said its investment in LeoSat will complement its geostationary fleet whilst expanding its scope towards new verticals which are expected to grow as demand for data increases. LeoSat’s constellation combines advanced on-board routers with inter-satellite laser links to provide fibre-like low-latency and gigabit per second data delivery.

Mark Rigolle, CEO of LeoSat said: “We are delighted that Hispasat, with its reputation for quality, efficiency and reliability and its strong presence in Europe, North Africa and Latin America, has chosen to invest in LeoSat to expand its network capabilities. ’Always-on‘ connectivity, increasing digitization and the move to cloud-based operations and smart data analysis and management, all require resilient and future-proof networks to deliver connectivity and services. 

“Whilst the perception of satellite for data communications is often seen as a last resort, LeoSat will change that by pairing the speed of fibre with the ubiquity of satellite and adding a new dimension of ultra-security. Hispasat recognizes that we will not only bring a paradigm shift in expanding the existing satellite services market, we will open up new markets for space-based data networking for telecoms, tech and media across the globe.”

Carlos Espinós, CEO of Hispasat, said: “With the current and future growth of data traffic, we see the strategic importance of investing in new infrastructure to enable our existing and future customers to substantially increase their communications capabilities. LeoSat has distinguishing features from the other constellations that makes it especially interesting: high capacity, low latency, high security and a meshed network that simplifies its architecture. LeoSat’s system design, combining satellite and networking technology to provide a network in space, is a departure from existing solutions today and we see this as a key opportunity for us to open-up new markets and deliver business growth. 

“This investment in LeoSat demonstrates our belief that there will be very strong demand for LeoSat as it is the best solution to address the Enterprise market. It will allow Hispasat to strengthen and expand our existing GEO satellite services and position the company at the forefront of the new digital infrastructure. In addition, Hispasat and SKY Perfect JSAT have a relationship of complementarity, understanding and mutual trust that will ease our joint leadership in this initiative.”

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