Chayora data centre development reaches midpoint

Chayora data centre development reaches midpoint

Hong Kong-based data centre infrastructure company Chayora has reached the midpoint of its construction of a new data centre located in Beichen, China.

The TJ1 data centre is due to be completed in September, with the site ultimately offering 300MW on an 80-acre campus made up of nine major data centre facilities.

 “We are delighted by the response of industry stakeholders to our Tianjin hyperscale data centre campus, including numerous enquiries from international cloud, technology and colocation provider customers,” says Oliver Jones, co-founder and chief executive officer at Chayora. “We can enable these enterprises to establish their footprint in China with design, construction and operations delivered to international standards, and we can serve diverse needs and entities given the scale of our hyperscale campuses.”

Chayora said the Tianjin hyperscale campus will serve the greater Beijing region, including its 150 million-plus residents, with a focus on supporting artificial intelligence developments in the region. Earlier this year, Tianjin set up a $16 billion fund to spur AI development in the region.

Jones added that the company sees the Tianjin campus’ capacity to “become a prime hub for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning organisations” because it will feature three high performance computing data centre facilities alongside the six hyperscale primary centres. 

“The first project has progressed very well, and Phase 1 of our first facility is planned for completion in September 2018,” Jones said. “We hope that we are demonstrating our commitment to deliver and execute with the same speed and reliability that is common in other parts of the world.”

Chayora currently has plans for sites in Tianjin, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou with the first two being developed to offer data centre services for the northern and eastern provinces respectively. The Shanghai development will offer a 280MW data centre campus serving that region.

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