G-Core Labs makes 100GE connection to Asteroid IXP

G-Core Labs makes 100GE connection to Asteroid IXP

G-Core Labs, a provider of global IT solutions, has connect to Asteroid Internet Exchange Point (IXP) with 100Gbps Ethernet (100GE).

The high-volume connection will enable large amounts of peering traffic to be handled at the Asteroid IXP and improve its quality of service.

“With the services we offer, high bandwidth, low latency, and performance is of the essence for G-Core Labs”, said Jens Osterloh, network architect at G-Core Labs. “We are excited by Asteroid’s innovative platform and efficient solution. Automation is the future, and clearly Asteroid is leading the industry in that regard.”

G-Core Labs’ high quality services require low latency, high availability and fast speeds. The 100GE connection will not only expand G-Core labs interconnectivity options in Amsterdam, but also improve redundancy and speed for its customers.

“While reducing traffic cost is good, our driving factor for peering is increasing capacity and performance. Peering on multiple IXPs for redundancy while still keeping the costs reasonably low, is what Asteroid helps us achieve,” explained Osterloh.

As a the provider of a major content delivery network (CDN) and a player in the digital media space, G-Core Labs continually expands its peering and connectivity base, to provide the shortest and most resilient paths between the content servers and the end customers.

"We are very pleased to welcome G-Core Labs to our IXP", said Remco van Mook, CEO of Asteroid. “G-Core Labs' 100 GE connection to Asteroid brings high-volume, quality traffic directly to peers at the Asteroid IXP. G-Core Labs, with their impressive global footprint, is on the path to becoming one of the leading CDNs in the world."

The Asteroid IXP is located in Amsterdam Science Park – ne of the largest hubs in Europe – and boasts what the company says is ‘one of the most efficient and modern IXPs on the market’. The facility is also home to a number of ISPs, content providers, hosting companies, carriers, DNS operators, non-profit organisations and social networks.

In April Asteroid celebrated another milestone having been added by Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) hosting provider 3W Infra, to its ecosystem of network infrastructure providers as part of a cooperation agreement. Under the partnership, 3W Infra will interconnect its 160Gbps global network with Asteroid’s IXP in Amsterdam, expanding its networking capability and interconnectivity in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

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