Huawei demos 600G transmission tech

Huawei demos 600G transmission tech

Huawei has completed what it claims is the industry’s first live demonstration of a 600G single-wavelength ultra-high-speed transmission system.

The test saw Huawei deploy its own channel-matched saping technology and artificial intelligence neuron module on an optical network, with single fibre capacity of 40Tbps.

The aim of the technology is to boost network efficiency and enable the evolution from existing traditional networking technology to intent-driven networks, Huawei said. This would help support deployment of new developments such as 5G, cloud computing and big data.

Huawei shipped over 127,000 100G+ port in 2017 according to Ovum, making up more than a third of total shipment for the global optical networking market. With 200G networks maturing, 400G and 600G are both nearing commercialisation as demand for ultra-high-speed optical transmission grows.

 Huawei said this is the first time CMS technology has been introduced to a transmission system, and it improves the equivalent bandwidth of transmission links by maximising spectral efficiency. It helped increase single-fibre capacity by a maximum of 50% to 40T and transmission distance by 30–50%.

Richard Jin, president of Huawei Transmission Network Product Line, said: "Huawei has long been leading the field of 100G, 200G, and 400G ultra-high-speed optical transmission, thanks to our strategic investment in optical networks. 

“The new 600G system provides AI capabilities for optical networks, using Huawei's sixth-generation coherent oDSP algorithm and an additional optical-layer AI neuron module. This will help our customers build intent-driven networks based on user experience."

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