ThousandEyes launches multi-cloud network intelligence solution

ThousandEyes launches multi-cloud network intelligence solution

ThousandEyes, the network intelligence start-up, has launched a network intelligence coverage solution for multi-cloud environments.

The new offering enables organisations that use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to measure and visualise app and network-layer performance metrics on a cloud-to-cloud, Internet-to-cloud and inter-region basis.

“Multi-cloud is the new enterprise architecture reality. At Equinix, our customers rely on our global platform of interconnection and data centre solutions to bring together multiple networks and providers by providing an easy, fast and secure on-ramp to hybrid multi-cloud and digital ecosystems,” said Ryan Mallory, senior vice president of global solutions enablement for Equinix. “ThousandEyes has pioneered a solution that enables both application and Internet-aware network visibility into every major cloud platform and their interdependencies, which empowers our customers see every network like it’s their own, and helps us deliver on our mission of cultivating powerful digital ecosystems on a global scale.”

In addition, companies get immediate and detailed visibility into every service delivery path in a multi-cloud environment, helping them to avoid the complex operational challenges of multi-cloud deployments, accelerate cloud adoption and deliver improved digital experiences.

“Our research has found that multi-cloud architectures are driving change in enterprise IT. At the same time, we have observed increased interest in active test monitoring solutions for visibility into these cloud applications. We know that traditional monitoring tools that rely on packet capture, flow and SNMP have limited-to-no visibility into cloud-based application delivery and inter-service communication,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. “By introducing cloud vantage points inside AWS, Azure and GCP, ThousandEyes is directly addressing an obvious and painful blind spot in today’s multi-cloud infrastructure. When the quality of digital experiences can make or break a company, visibility should be a mission-critical priority for any organisation running or even planning a multi-cloud environment.”

The network intelligence solution from ThousandEyes includes pre-provisioned and easy-to-deploy Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) vantage points, which includes 15 Aws regions, 15 GCP regions and 25 Azure regions plus agent-to-agent tests between cloud agents. This gives IT teams the ability to measure inter-region, hybrid and inter-cloud performance, map network paths and monitor connectivity between on-premises and cloud data centres.

“Without visibility into every path that applications and services traverse on the Internet, enterprises are putting their blind faith in the complex chain of service providers involved in delivering their digital experiences. They’re actively risking their end user experience and its impact on revenue, brand reputation and employee productivity, and this issue is only compounded in a multi-cloud environment,” said Nick Kephart, senior director of product management at ThousandEyes. “Some of our largest and fastest-growing enterprise customers such as Box, JLL, Okta, Slack and Zuora already rely on ThousandEyes for visibility into the cloud. Expanding our global infrastructure to include pre-deployments directly inside major IaaS providers is a logical evolution that aligns with today’s multi-cloud reality and makes it easier than ever for them to ensure the delivery of superior digital experiences.”

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