Research on 6G mobile about to start in Finnish university

Research on 6G mobile about to start in Finnish university

A university in Finland has started research on 6G mobile networks – before 5G networks have even started commercial operation – and it is seeking PhD students

The University of Oulu, close to the Arctic Circle, has started the programme, called 6Genesis, under a programme being led by the Academy of Finland.

The whole programme will spend €25 million this year and a similar sum in 2019.

“The programme will provide intelligent digital applications and will develop the fundamental 6G competence needed for smart societies,” said the university in a statement.

“Our future society will be increasingly digitised, hyper-connected and globally data-driven. Near-instant wireless connectivity will be the key technical driver for realising this. [The] programme’s impact goals are to ensure wireless expertise for the industry and to enable early adaption of smart society technologies.”

And the university has already advertised for PhD students to join it for the 6G programme. The deadline for applications is this Wednesday, 20 June.

“We offer a highly innovative, international working environment and increasingly challenging research topics deriving from our vision on 6G,” said the university. “As a doctoral student in a research project within the 6Genesis flagship programme, you will graduate with a competitive doctoral degree in three to four years.”

Candidates need a master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering, communications engineering or related field, with “excellent English and multi-cultural communication skills”.

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