TPG Telecom and Vocus seek $1.8m from Buzz Telco

TPG Telecom and Vocus seek $1.8m from Buzz Telco

TPG Telecom subsidiary AAPT and Vocus’s M2 are seeking $1.8 million in debt from Buzz Telco, the Australian retail service provider that closed its doors earlier this year.

According to CRN Buzz Telco closed down following disputes with its wholesale providers and Jeremy Chequer the then general manager of the company said that it had switched to Vocus in 2017 following a billing dispute with former wholesaler AAPT.

But when Vocus ended its agreement with Buzz Telco because of a winding-up order issued by AAPT, chequer then ceased trading.

As a result a liquidator’s report filed by Andrew Barnden of Rodgers Reidy shows that AAPT has claimed debts of $1.22 million from the company is addition to a further $563,000 from Vocus’ M” who is also listed as a creditor.

In addition the report also listed debts from NetComm for $50,856, Telcoinabox for $32,968, the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman for $43,830 and Vocus itself for $35,399.

Rodgers Reidy is currently investigating these debts and company accounts, for which AAPT and M2 have been asked to proof to back their claims. Though the company had debt owed to it in the region of $5000-$7000, Barden expects the company’s ex-clients to offset these costs against the debts because of the interruption to their service caused by the Buzz Telco’s abrupt closure.

Chequer announced the company’s closure by email and via a post on Whirlpool's forums in April, saying: "As a result of this [Vocus] termination, I am forced to announce that, effective immediately, Buzz Telco will cease trading. I have worked with a number of other providers to get arrangements in place to ensure that customers are not left without service during these unfortunate times."

Since closing Chequer has recommended three alternative suppliers to Buzz Telco customers Mungi Internet, Dodo and Aussie Broadband.

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