GARR picks Infinera to power research and education network

GARR picks Infinera to power research and education network

Gruppo per l'Armonizzazione delle Reti della Ricerca (GARR), Italy's national research and education network, has deployed Infinera’s Cloud Xpress 2 to meet the growing bandwidth demands of science computing applications.

With a network of approximately four million users that connects over 1,000 public institutions across Italy, as well as other international networks worldwide, GARR has great need for expanded network capabilities.

“GARR's high-performance network infrastructure delivers critical services for the Italian academic and scientific community,” said Massimo Carboni, CTO at GARR. “It is imperative that our network delivers high capacity and low latency for important supercomputing and research projects using dedicated ultra-fast fibre links. The Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 meets these needs and enables GARR to accelerate service innovation to support the development of these critical projects.”

GARR deployed the Cloud Xpress 2, which features the Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE4), to increase capacity and enable dynamic resource sharing between computing centres operated by the National Institute for Nuclear Physics and CINECA, Italy’s largest supercomputing consortium.  

“Research and education networks deliver substantial amounts of data in real-time transmission and rely on networks with high capacity, scalability and low latency,” said Nick Walden, senior vice president of Infinera EMEA. “We are delighted to work with GARR to meet the increasing needs of the academic community and are committed to providing GARR with solutions that satisfy bandwidth demands with efficiency and low latency.”

GARR says that it chose the Infinera Cloud Xpress 2 because of its combination of simplicity and capacity in a compact, easy-to-install optical networking platform. The Cloud Xpress 2 supports simple point-and-click provisioning and the plug-and-play combination of capacity and reach. With the Cloud Xpress 2, GARR delivers 1.2Tbps of capacity with low latency between computing centres. Infinera Instant Bandwidth enables GARR to activate additional capacity in minutes, reducing the initial cost of deployment while remaining responsive to bandwidth demands.

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