Digicel rolls out $3m LTE network in Anguilla

Digicel rolls out $3m LTE network in Anguilla

Pan-Caribbean operator Digicel has launched its 4G LTE network on the island of Anguilla to meet the growing demands for improved wireless and broadband connectivity.

According to The Anguillan the launch event was attended by both customers and guests, hosted by Roxanne Webster, service delivery executive at Digicel, as well as CEO, Kerchelle Jn Charles-Hodge.

Speaking at the event Webster said: “It has taken a lot of hard work from our local and regional teams, and we are very thankful for their diligence through the ups and downs of getting it just right. Digicel’s strong team support and active participation have made Digicel extraordinary. Let me say to our guests that we implore you to get upgraded to LTE and enjoy using superfast broadband speeds on your mobile phone.”

“In 2017, we announced our Global Transformation Program whereby we made a commitment to you, our customers, to deliver an amazing network experience and to put you in control of your communication needs,” said Jn Charles-Hodge. “This commitment became even more necessary on our island of Anguilla as we now work to re-build better and stronger, post Hurricane Irma.

“Digicel took very seriously the responsibility to provide a resilient network that is on par with international standards through our investment of EC$8.1 million ($3 million) in this latest technology rollout.”

Anguilla is one of the islands affected by Hurricane Irma, the first of the two Category 5 storms that hit the region in the autumn of 2017. Irma brought 50+ inches over Florida and north eastern Caribbean, particularly Barbuda and the US Virgin Islands.

“Seven months ago, Anguilla’s landscape changed with the passage of Hurricane Irma,” said Curtis Richardson, Anguilla’s Minster of Communications. “Today I stand with you, excited about the opportunities that have been unlocked for the people of Anguilla through the intervention of Digicel’s 4G – LTE with its speeds and capabilities.

“As we move to broaden and accelerate internet connectivity across Anguilla, Digicel would be the first provider to offer LTE island-wide, now with the fastest mobile data network in Anguilla. Today, we look to the future and we promise our commitment to provide the best service, best value, and the best network to the people of Anguilla,” added Jn Charles-Hodge.

Giving testimony on the effectiveness of the new LTE service, Delvicia MacDonna, a local retail manager who has been fortunate enough to use the service said that new users ‘would not be disappointed’.

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