PCCW Global demos managed live IP transmission with Caton

PCCW Global demos managed live IP transmission with Caton

PCCW Global has partnered with advanced IP video transmission and managed file transfer solutions provider Caton Technology Limited to deliver a fully managed live IP transmission of the 2018 PCCW Global Business Launch.

The transmission was aimed to demonstrate live broadcasting services in an enterprise environment and was available in a number of Asia Pacific countries. The event, which was held in Hong Kong, was almost made available for delayed broadcast to all other PCCW Global offices around the world.

As part of the demonstration, PCCW Global made the broadcast of the event viewable through a video on demand (VoD) platform on mobile devices for staff travelling at the time or located away from major offices.

Locally encoded video utilising Caton Engine’s Reliable Real-Time Transport Protocol over PCCW Global’s TV Network (GTVN) and content devlidery network to deliver broadcast quality transmissions to offices and individuals overseas.

PCCW Global said the solution enabled far greater employee engagement than had ever been possible before. The cost of bringing all staff together in Hong Kong for the event had previously meant that only a subset of its worldwide staff complement could actually attend and participate, whereas now everyone was able to be an active participant and be fully informed regarding the company’s plans and future direction.

Mike van den Bergh, chief marketing officer, PCCW Global, said: “For the first time in PCCW Global's history, our colleagues from around the world were able to watch live streaming of the company's Business Launch from a conference hotel in Hong Kong. 

“Our colleagues in Beijing, Brisbane, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo were all able to gain a first-hand impression of the proceedings as the meeting unfolded, while delayed coverage was made available via a VoD facility for those located too far outside of Hong Kong's time zone. A security layer was also applied to the material, to ensure that sensitive information shared on a “company confidential” basis would not be available to those outside PCCW Global’s employee base, an essential precaution applicable to many company events.”

Caton’s integrated solutions are now being made available through PCCW Global’s worldwide sales channel, offering services for live events ranging from world class sporting events to live concerts, as well as enterprise business events. This is part of a partnership that began in May 2017.

Eric Hamilton, chief operating officer, Caton Technology, said, “We are proud of our strong relationship with PCCW Global, and we thank them for inviting us to be involved during their global sales event to showcase the combined power of the Caton Engine and PCCW Global’s GTVN network. Our combination of reliable, scalable and affordable managed transmission services is changing the way high-quality content moves around the world. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship and provide a new level of service to clients around the world.”

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