Telcotech and LXT Networks partner to boost connectivity services in Asia

Telcotech and LXT Networks partner to boost connectivity services in Asia

Telcotech, a leading Cambodian telecoms company, and LXT Networks, a wholesale specialist, are partnering together to offer a combined connectivity solution in Asia.

Specifically targeting Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand, the new offering will leverage both companies’ infrastructure to increase cross-border and international submarine connectivity, as well as deliver more capacity and enhance customer service.

“Telcotech has always been committed to providing its customers with first class connectivity, and this partnership confirms our position as a bridging partner for operators expanding their capacity into Thailand, Myanmar and beyond,” added Paul Blanche-Horgan, chief executive officer at Telcotech.

The solution provides Telcotech access to LXT Networks’ intra-Asian submarine cable systems operated by its shareholder StrataNet. The cables that StrataNet has capacity on include:

 SJC, APCN2, AAG, APG, ASE and JUS. With the addition of access to MCT though this partnership, both Telcotech and LXT Networks are able to provide international capacity services to its new and existing customers.

“We are highly satisfied with this partnership agreement with such a well-established player as Telcotech, which highlights the strength of our network and the solid nature of our strategy. The partnership with Telcotech adds further value to investments made by our shareholder StrataNet and the development of an innovative and Flexible Optical Network all throughout SE Asia,” said Tom Sastararuchi, chief executive officer at LXT Networks.

At the same time the solution will enable multiple strategic entry points into SE Asia and both Telcotech and LXT Networks can provide their global customer base with seamless end-to-end backhaul services with diverse paths. Both companies offer premium Service Level Agreements.

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