IXcellerate updates its platform for Eurasia peering

IXcellerate updates its platform for Eurasia peering

IXcellerate has completed the modernisation of its peering platform: Eurasia peering, which is based within the company’s data centre in Russia.

As part of the new update IXcellerate has overhauled the infrastructure and widened the connectivity options of the peering plafform. And as of April 2018 all of the company’s members will have access to ports with 1, 10, 25, 40 and 100Gb capacity.

“The launch of the modernized Eurasia Peering platform within our data centre comes at a very opportune time. With the current rapprochement with Asian countries, Russia and especially Moscow is seeing a huge influx of Chinese companies and investors,” said Guy Willner, CEO of IXcellerate. “Now that the new “One Belt One Road” strategy is rapidly developing, Eurasia Peering will help existing and new clients get better connected and get access to a vast array of partners here at IXcellerate, enabling them to access Europe’s largest Internet user base of over 100 million users.”

The move comes as IXcellerate attempts to improve the quality and international status of the platform. At present that platform provides access to 18 telecom network operators, such as Cloudflare, Mastertel, Telecom Exchange, Netrack, Filanco and Avelacom.

By having the Eurasia peering platform in the data centre connectivity is possible using only one cross-connect from other clients and data centre zones. In addition, the non-blocking switching capability ensures a SLA of 99.999%, according to IXcellerate.

The platform is fully compliant with the necessary Russian legislation and is available to both existing clients and partners of IXcellerate data centre, for the price of a cross-connect in a quick as three days.

Last month, IXcellerate announced a number of developments. Imperva, the US-based cyber security company, has doubled its presence in Russia at IXcellerate’s Moscow One data centre. Also Nestlé announced that it will be outsourcing its business operations in Russia to IXcellerate.

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