Aqua Comms launches new automated customer portal

Aqua Comms launches new automated customer portal

Aqua Comms has launched a new automated customer portal, streamlining a number of customer process from billing to enquiries, to offer significant efficiencies.

Stage 1 of the subsea cable operator’s rollout of the CloudSmartz Acumen360 Digital CX Portal will enable Aqua Comms’ customers to deploy customer experiences and introduce software-defined networking-based on-demand services more easily, it claimed.

Aqua Comms began working with CloudSmartz at ITW 2017 but has now completed the first phase of its deployment of the company’s automated services platform, according to Aqua Comms CEO Nigel Bayliff.

“From strategy to execution, the team at CloudSmartz has been a pleasure to work with,” states Nigel Bayliff, CEO, Aqua Comms.  “We first started talking to CloudSmartz last year at ITW 2017, and continued down the strategic path of customer portal creation and digital transformation solutions that affect our most important assets – Aqua Comms’ valued clients.”

The CloudSmartz model is centred on customer focused solutions, high-quality development, and rapid implementation, it said. The platform is a turnkey solution for small to mid-size communication service providers (CSPs) and can serve as a catalyst for large CSPs looking for a fast-track digital transformation.

“Our relationship with Aqua Comms has been first-class and the Aqua Comms implementation of our Acumen360 customer portal has been a great learning experience for both parties,” comments Dan Wagner, CEO, CloudSmartz.  “We look forward to delivering the later phases and providing Aqua Comms with a leading-edge capability to manage their customer and partner requirements.”

Aqua Comms has already gone live with its America Europe Connect-1 cable, which links New York to Dublin, as well as its CeltixConnect cable which connects Dublin to London and Manchester in the UK. It is also developing several other cables including North Sea Connect, which will run from the UK to Denmark. It is also a member of the HAVFRUE consortium, which is backed by Google and Facebook, which will link the US to Denmark.

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