Equinix unveils £29m expansion for Slough London IBX

Equinix unveils £29m expansion for Slough London IBX

Equinix has announced a £29 million expansion of its London international business exchange data centre, scheduled to open later this year.

The new expansion to Equinix’s LD4 data centre, located in Slough just outside of London, will see an additional 1,075 cabinets and 3,300 square metres of colocation space added. It currently houses around 3,777 cabinets in around 10,000 sqm of space. The expansion is due to be completed in Q4 2018.

Equinix’s LD4 International Business Exchange data centre will allow customers to interconnect with more than 1,000 business in London across multiple sectors, including capital markets, insurers, and electronic firms, plus over 200 networks and more than 275 cloud and IT service providers.

According to the Global Interconnection Index, interconnection bandwidth in Europe is expected to grow to reach over 1450 Tbps by 2020, contributing more than a quarter of interconnection bandwidth globally. Banking and Insurance is expected to grow to reach more than 955 Tbps of interconnection bandwidth by 2020. Furthermore, London is set to quadruple its private data exchange from 114 Tbps to 486 Tbps.

The Slough campus has more thn 90 network service providers connected to it, and offers access to a number of transatlantic subsea cables, with latency of around 30ms to New York and 4ms to Frankfurt – both major financial hubs.

Russell Poole, managing director, Equinix UK: “It is estimated that the financial and professional services industry contributes £176bn to the UK economy annually. In order for London to retain its title as the financial centre of the world, despite concerns over Brexit, businesses require the latest IT infrastructure to thrive. 

“The extension of our LD4 data centre will help financial market participants continue to interconnect on a global scale — enabling them to improve the way investors access and act on the information that drives the global economy.”

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