Interoute unveils new 100G UK routes to Europe

Interoute unveils new 100G UK routes to Europe

Interoute has launched new 100G routes between the UK and Europe that bypass the London area.

The new routes will connect the UK Midlands area to the European mainland and offer improved cyber resilience, increased efficiency, lower costs, and greater deployment speeds for service provider and enterprise customers, Interoute said.

The new service is part of Interoute’s plans to strengthen its infrastructure in the UK at a time when the UK government is leading a drive to build out more connectivity in the country.

Roopa Honnachari, industry director at Frost & Sullivan, said “Interoute’s UK development strategy puts the company in an exceptional position. We have seen a rise in demand for high-bandwidth services with a forecasted shift towards 10G and 100G services in the long-term. The largest wholesale services market is concentrated where there is high activity. As a result, Western European countries, including the United Kingdom, are the largest markets in terms of revenue.”

Research from Interoute in October found that nearly half (46%) of IT infrastructure in the UK was set to move to the cloud within the next six months.

The ‘Transforming for Success in a Changing World’ survey of 120 UK IT decision-makers by Interoute, the global cloud and network provider, has revealed that businesses plan to move on average nearly half (46%) of their infrastructure to the cloud over the next six months.

By 2020, the volume of global internet traffic is expected to be 95 times that of 2005, and in the UK alone, internet traffic is set to double every two years, according to a UK government study.

Jonathan Wright, VP of commercial operations at Interoute, commented: "Offering unparalleled cross border capacity and connectivity has always been a cornerstone of Interoute’s strategy. With this, we will continue to provide highly strategic, robust routes to meet the multitude of demands made by our valued customers.”

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