Mivatek Smart Connect and Asia Pacific Telecom launches smart home offering

Mivatek Smart Connect and Asia Pacific Telecom launches smart home offering

Mivatek Smart Connect (Mivatek) and Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) has entered into a partnership where APT will use Mivatek’s plug-n-play smart home solutions and service.

Mivatek’s mobile-cloud IoT platform and smart devices will form the foundation of APT’s Home Guardian program - a DIY MIY smart home service available to APT's 1.9 million customers.

“We looked at a number of value-added solutions to make our wireless products and services more attractive,” said Oscar Kuo, senior project deputy manager at APT. “The zero-pairing technology and the comprehensive capabilities of the Mivatek Smart Connect platform and associated devices, spanning from security, safety, care, and video, really impressed us.” 

The offering is APT’s first product in the smart home space. Home Guardian provides APT customers with a turnkey video-integrated interactive security, safety, and wellness service solution. Each system package gives users advanced “one-touch-to-responder” features that allow them to make video-integrated protection and control with family, wherever they are. The collaborative protection design allows the user, their family members, caregivers, and even neighbours to protect their homes and achieve peace of mind. 

Joe Liu, CEO of Mivatek Smart Connect, emphasized that this new project dovetails well with the company’s new focus on service providers, brand owners, and telco’s. 

We are excited about serving global service providers and brand owners with our turnkey Smart-Connect-as-a-Service,” said Liu, emphasizing the company’s commitment to a private label and OEM business strategy.  “We are also thrilled that a leading telecom and cellular service provider like APT chose Mivatek’s Smart Connect platform.  We made video-integrated Smart Connect easy, reliable and cost-effective, and we’re confident that APT and its customers will appreciate these advantages.”

There are three in-a-box starter packages available to APT customers.  The entry-level package allows the user to create a basic Home Security system comprised of a Mivatek Cube Camera, two Door and Window Sensors, and a Hub for system control.  All Home Guardian systems can be easily expanded with additional Mivatek devices to cover security, safety and/or care capabilities; the zero-pairing technology allows the expansion of accessories in seconds.

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