RETN expands its Asia-Pacific network

RETN expands its Asia-Pacific network

RETN is expanding its global network with an increased presence in Asia-Pacific and connecting Europe and North America to the region.

With this recent network development RETN adds its terrestrial capabilities between Asia and Europe to Singapore and connects another new RETN point of presence (PoP) in Los Angeles to RETN’s backbone by TGN Transpacific.

“Introducing this global point-to-point solution today across RETN’s network, we address current and future global connectivity needs of multinational companies from media, gaming, finance & IT sectors which face increasing demand for resilient and secure data transport in and out of the region. We are committed to deliver high-quality services to this fast growing and demanding customer base,” said Tony O’Sullivan, COO at RETN.

The new RETN PoP in Singapore is linked to Marseille and Hong Kong via SEA-ME-WE 5 and SJC cable systems respectively. The route provides redundancy to the main and shorter terrestrial path to Asia on RETN’s network, TRANSKZ. The new Los Angeles PoP allows RETN’s established global enterprise customers a West Coast presence and brings the RETN customer experience to businesses based there.

“We keep on investing in our core and unique network assets in Europe to Asia. Specifically, Asian regions are those areas where we see the most fast-growing connectivity needs of emerging markets and we can offer them our services with the best solutions in redundancy and flexibility. We have already made significant steps in this direction and are planning to add all key markets in Asia to RETN’s network by 2020,” added O’Sullivan.

Earlier this year the company completed its acquisition of OPTRON SIA, a fibre-based metro network service provider in Riga, Latvia. In addition, RETN also launched two PoPs in in Seoul, South Korea. The two PoPs, located in Dogok IDC and Gasan Data Center, are directly interconnected to RETN’s IP/MPLS backbone via Hong Kong and Japan using Juniper MX series equipment.

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