Airtel to launch carrier digital platform for wholesale voice business

Airtel to launch carrier digital platform for wholesale voice business

Bharti Airtel will deploy a carrier digital platform enabling global carriers to do wholesale voice business with the company at the click of a button.

The new digital solution will offer paperless sign-up, timely voice interconnects and real-time traffic analytics for global carriers.

“This is yet another digital innovation from Airtel to empower our customers, who can now leverage Airtel’s global voice network on a real-time basis with high quality voice termination,” said Ajay Chitkara, director and CEO of global voice & data business at Bharti Airtel. “The platform will bring enhanced efficiency, convenience, agility and transparency and further strengthen our position as the preferred partner for customers across the world.”

In addition to the aforementioned features, the new platform will allow customers propose sell rates for their target markets, as well as buy voice termination services.

On-boarding times for the platform is reduced to a matter of hours meaning that it offers live rates for global routes speeding up decision making for traffic exchange. Also by leveraging real-time usage analytics, customers have access to a number of real-time online reports that track key KPIs such as traffic, traffic rates and payments.

Airtel says that it designed the voice platform based on ‘extensive customer insights’ and that the offering will help global carriers make faster decisions, enhance business efficiency because of the reduced time it takes to get up and running with voice interconnects.

The company says that it was soon add on a number of features to the platform including: a single window on the digital platform for product discovery, on-boarding, billing, payment, enquiry, and support across various B2B products.

Only last month, Airtel acquired the Indian arm of Gulf Bridge International’s (GBI) India to Middle East and Europe submarine cable. The agreement between the two sees Airtel receiving ownership of the India to Middle East and Europe cable, while at the same time picking up significant capacity on the Middle East to Europe leg of the cable.

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