Colt supports Google Cloud Partner Interconnect

Colt supports Google Cloud Partner Interconnect

Colt is supporting Google Cloud Partner Interconnect allowing its customers to connect to the Google Cloud platform from anywhere through its partners.

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect is a new product in the Google Cloud Interconnect range. With Partner Interconnect customers can use Colt to provide connectivity to from their facility to the nearest Google edge point of presence.

“Partner Interconnect gives Google Cloud customers even more connectivity choices for hybrid environments,” said John Veizades, product manager at Google Cloud. “Together with Colt, we are making it easier for customers to extend their on-prem infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform.”

In addition, users will be able to select from a number of subrate interference speeds starting from 50Mbps to 10Gbps.

Only last year Google announced Dedicated Interconnect which offers higher-speed and lower cost connectivity than VPN, a solution that the company says has become the go-to answer for connecting on-premise data centres with the cloud.

“Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access service provides customers with secure and reliable private network connectivity to Google Cloud services,” said Peter Coppens, vice president of product portfolio at Colt Technology Services. “Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access service gives businesses a superior cloud networking experience when compared to the public internet. This enables an agile and on-demand cloud environment that is critical for customers’ digital transformation journeys.”

Earlier this month Equinix followed in same footsteps as Colt, announcing that it would support Google Cloud Partner Interconnect allowing its customers to connect to the platform from anywhere.

Last month, Colt reached a milestone of its own partnering with Verizon to demonstrate two-way inter-carrier software-defined network (SDN) orchestration. During the live trials that were carried out in London, the two companies were able to make real-time bandwidth changes in each other’s networks using an Equinix interconnect. The demonstration marked the first time that network orchestration between carrier production networks has ever been showcased in the world, making it the first step towards enabling real-time cross-carrier automation.

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