Telefónica and Huawei launch a suite of big data products

Telefónica and Huawei launch a suite of big data products

Telefónica and Huawei have entered into a partnership to create a set of big data products for enterprises.

The new big data as-a-service products will be branded under Luca, Telefónica’s data unit. Under the agreement four core services will be offered to customers, which are: the Hortonworks Data Platform as-a-service which helps store, process and analyse data; Big Data Integration to migrate data to the cloud; Data Governance to control the quality and security of data; and Data Miner which helps create insights from data through analytical algorithms and data integration.

Each of the services can be self-deployed by the customer on-demand and is infrastructure agnostic so it can be deployed over a variety of Infrastructure as-a-service environments.

Commenting on the partnership, Edward Deng, president of the Telefónica Global Account at Huawei, said: “It is an honour for Huawei to be selected as a partner to enable Telefónica’s Luca product portfolio. Huawei’s Universe solution is the key to realize the ambition of creating a flexible, relevant and rich ecosystem of data-centric applications. Big data has been one of the company’s key strategic investment areas. We are confident and committed to deliver the highest quality end-to-end solution for Telefónica. Huawei is fully committed to this project and will draw upon all our expertise and experience to ensure the complete success of the objectives set.”

By collaborating with Huawei, Telefónica wil be able to widen its portfolio of big data and data analytics related services, helping its customers to accelerate the digitisation of their business and therefore increasing its competitive edge.

“This agreement helps us to reinforce our big data tools as a service offering, enabling our clients to deploy their use cases on our cloud infrastructure”, added Elena Gil, CEO of Luca. “Our portfolio combines these tools with consulting and analytics capabilities as well as with business insights derived from our data, delivering end-to-end solutions to companies and public entities, which want to capture the value of data. At Telefónica we are committed to becoming the travel companion of our customers in their digital transformation journey.”

The first phase of deployment will involve Telefónica and Huawei providing these services over Telefónica’s cloud infrastructure in Latin America. The suite if products will be expanded to include new services and under the agreement the two will open an application market where partners can sell their big data and analytics to customers.

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