PayKey unveils social telco solution

PayKey unveils social telco solution

PayKey, a social banking solution provider, has announced the deployment of a social telco solution and mobile smart keyboard.

The solution transforms the smartphone keyboard into a new platform for services, information, and communication and in doing so condensing customer engagement and sales channels into one button.

“As demand has grown, so too has our vision, which has evolved into creating this innovative telco solution, allowing customers to access key operator services within any mobile messenger and social application”, explained Guy Talmi, CMO of PayKey.

Currently mobile operators rely on multiple channels which according to PayKey causes a lot of ‘friction’ for the user leading to low customer engagement and loyalty. It goes on to say that customers are frustrated by ‘siloed communications’ and service channels such as online, mobile applications, third party resellers in bricks-and-mortar stores and telephone call centres, with only 36% of consumers satisfied with the digital experience provided by their operator.

PayKey has real life use-cases for its latest offering. Maritza Perez Bermudez, executive vice-president of retail & marketing at Banco Davivienda, said: “We’ve experienced first-hand what PayKey can deliver through the launch of our DaviPlata e-wallet. With the innovative keyboard technology we have seen increase in the DaviPlata customer base. Expanding this technology towards Telco services is just natural for us. Soon, our customers will be able to easily top up their prepaid accounts directly from their keyboard without having to on-board a dedicated app. We are very excited to be one of the first service providers that bring this innovation to the market and are looking forward to additional future projects with PayKey.”

The social telco solution is underpinned by the mobile smart keyboard which integrates with the operator’s mobile app or e-wallet, enabling users to access a variety of services including credit top-up and transfer, balance check and notifications.

As a white label solution, the PayKey solution offers full customisation of the branding, user experience, service offering and service flow. It integrates easily at API level and retains the telco’s authentication method without compromising security.

“This is yet another example of how we are continuing to push the boundaries of mobile innovation, and bridging the gap between mobile operators and customers,” added Talmi. “Consumers are spending more and more time on mobile, and are increasingly expecting to access companies and services instantly and seamlessly. The Telco Keyboard allows them to do just that. As PayKey moves forward, it will continue to demonstrate to consumers and organisations that it is at the forefront of mobile customer experience.”

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