Mycom OSI introduces cloud native platform for telco cloud assurance

Mycom OSI introduces cloud native platform for telco cloud assurance

Mycom OSI has launched its next-gen, cloud native platform as part of its enhanced Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) suite of applications.

The offering will enable achieve simplified and automated network operations, while being made available on a subscription model that improves agility for CSPs and accelerates new service launches.

Speaking on the new offering, Mounir Ladki, president and CTO of Mycom OSI, said: “The new subscription model provides commercial flexibility and helps CSPs overcome time to market and cost challenges of provisioning and managing the infrastructure required to operate assurance systems.”

Mycom’s native cloud solution leverages NFV and SDN architectures that use state-of-the-art IT cloud technology enabling CSPs to become digital service providers (DSPs). In addition to this CSPs create profit from increased customer experience, cost reductions while exploring the latest digital services, IoT and 5G opportunities. 

Mycom’s EAA suite supports this offering by optimising the network and service quality of networks integrating real time assurance data and management functions with automation and analytics based on AI/Machine Learning.

“Our customers, who are some of the largest and most innovative CSPs, are all at different points on their digital transformation journeys but all have strategies to win the latest digital services, IoT and 5G market opportunities, and are implementing the latest technologies. Similarly, all are constrained by cost and complexity, added Ladki.

Mycom’s OSI say that not only does its new cloud-native platform underpin all of the EAA applications but it gives cloud benefits such as infrastructure independence, agile deployment, elastic scaling and high availability, as well as common services for EAA applications such as a unified network inventory and dynamic topology, integration with big data frameworks and open APIs. Additionally Mycom’s solution uses a micro-services architecture, containers, cloud technology and DevOps methodology to enable agile deployment on private and public clouds, and reduces system deployment and operations by over 75% versus traditional assurance systems.

“We built our cloud native platform from the ground up to address all steps in their journey and have a seven step transformation methodology to telco cloud. This helped secure a significant customer project in the Middle East in which we demonstrated ROI and investment protection at each step towards the customer’s telco cloud objective,” continued Ladki.

Overall Mycom says its EAA suite helps CSPs prepare for 5G and IoT growth with scalability, elasticity and high reliability, as well as network slicing capabilities, to meet the growing demands for virtualized enterprise services, SD-WAN, HD video and IoT.

Only last month Mycom partnered with Red Hat to develop its telco cloud assurance solution. Working together the two will leverage their respective technologies to create a new solution. MyCom’s Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) solution offers integrated, real-time and automated assurance for end-to-end hybrid telco cloud networks. 

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