NetIX launches new DDoS mitigation service

NetIX launches new DDoS mitigation service

NetIX has launched a new distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack mitigation product aimed at its telecoms customers and partners.

DDoS is a growing threat across the market, according to figures from Corero Network Security. Figures shared with Capacity found its customers experienced an average of 237 DDoS attack attempts a month during Q3 2017 - the equivalent of eight attacks per day, and double the amount in Q1.

The figures, which can be found in Capacity's Security special report, showed a 35% increase per quarter in 2017. 96% of attacks measured were 5Gbps or less, highlighting the need for mitigation.

The newly-launched DDoS-IX platform provides a complex solution for mitigating DDoS attacks in an internet exchange environment while keeping the traffic local.

It is based on NetIX’s existing platform, which serves more than 90 members, and overcomes issues around blackholing, the internet exchange firm claims, by keeping traffic local.

“It is based on a working and trusted platform telco networks rely on. Due to IXPs different environment, the service advances in protection,” NetIX said as it announced the new DDoS protection platform. 

“The importance of every bit nowadays urges all of us to be more careful with not losing any legitimate traffic. This is why every business benefits from using DDoS-IX.”

NetIX’s platform currently connects 20 other IXPs, serves more than 90 members reaching more than 3,800 direct peers in 20 data centers throughout Europe, and delivers more than 360 Gbps of traffic.

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