Mycom OSI partners with Red Hat to develop telco cloud assurance solution

Mycom OSI partners with Red Hat to develop telco cloud assurance solution

Mycom OSI and Red Hat are to develop a telco cloud assurance solution reducing system deployment time and operations by over 75%

In order for communication service providers (CSPs) to capitalise on increased customer experience, agility and cost reductions, as well as other digital services like 5G and IoT, a scalable, reliable and agile telco cloud is needed with the ability to enable network function virtualisation (NFV) and software defined network (SDN) architectures to use IT cloud technology.

Speaking on the news, Mounir Ladki, president and CTO at Mycom OSI, said: “Telco clouds are a key enabler to unlocking on-demand, real time consumer and enterprise digital services such as SD-WAN and IoT opportunities for CSPs, and our recent innovations in telco cloud assurance have resulted in rapid growth in customer projects. Red Hat not only helps us to deliver agility, speed and cost benefits to our customers, but also a rich stream of essential telco cloud data that feeds our analytics engine. We are delighted to have such a strong collaboration with Red Hat.”

Working together the two will leverage their respective technologies to create a new solution. MyCom’s Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) solution offers integrated, real-time and automated assurance for end-to-end hybrid telco cloud networks. Once deployed on Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform and its OpenShift Container Platform, it not only discovers, monitors and correlates vertical layers in NFV/SDN telco cloud architectures it also provides assurance-driven closed loop network automation. As a result, it directs orchestrators and configuration management to make changes in order to improve the end-to-end service and quality.

“As the telco industry moves towards cloudification of networks to increase innovation, agility and scalability, service quality and performance are top of mind for telco leaders. We are pleased to underpin Mycom OSI’s assurance and analytics solution with Red Hat’s highly scalable hybrid cloud and container-based technologies. Together, we are setting out to help operators better understand and act on the performance of their networks as they deliver on their network virtualization strategies,” added Darrell Jordan-Smith, vice president of global telecommunications and ICT at Red Hat.

Mycom say that based on its own internal testing when deployed on private and public clouds, the Mycom OSI EAA solution based on Red Hat technology reduces the time of system deployment and operations by over 75% versus traditional assurance systems.

In October 2017, Three UK selected Mycom OSI’s EAA product suite, to deploy to monitor Three UK’s telco cloud. Three bought several elements of Mycom OSI’s EAA solution, including a single, integrated assurance suite that manages end-to-end network and service quality across all hybrid telco and IT network domains. 

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