Kosc Telecom signs up first customers to new French wholesale service

Kosc Telecom signs up first customers to new French wholesale service

Kosc Telecom has unveiled the first customers to sign up to its Professional Fiber service, just weeks after it launched its nationwide fibre wholesale offering in France.

The service went live shortly after Kosc signed a long-term agreement with French operator Orange that will see the wholesale operator co-invest in a nationwide fibre network. The deal opened a new market for the operator.

Since announcing its French wholesale offering, Kosc has signed up Leonix – a Paris-based IP telephony provider – and LASOTEL, which operates network infrastructure and telecoms services for the B2B market – to its fibre service.

Leonix has agreed o use Kosc’s 10Gbps+ wave offer to extend its coverage, as well as deploying a 300km fibre network across the centre of Paris. It will use the agreement with Kosc to build dual operator products for its customer base, according to founder Bruno Veluet.

“At the beginning, our services were based on Orange’s offer,” Veluet explained. “But our retail partners started getting more and more requests for multi-operator solutions, and when Kosc appeared on the scene, we thought it would be relevant to work with them on this project.”

The deal helps Kosc in its efforts to position itself as the third national wholesale operator in France, reaching €100 million in annual turnover within the next five years.

The other deal is with LASOTEL, established in 2004 in Lyon, which is currently present in more than 35 PoP’s in France and also in all of the carrier neutral data centres across its region of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes. It owns more than 450km of optical fibre.

“Thanks to our extended multi-operator network and to our connections with the majority of the infrastructures in France, our network is fully redundant,” the chairman of LASOTEL, Sylvain Charron, said. “As an aggregator, we are interconnected with all local access providers, so a connection to Kosc’s infrastructure was the next logical step toward our network expansion.”

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